Napkin Folding


Hey, welcome to the home of napkin folding, where folding is made easy.

Our first folds are The Pyramid, The Arrow, and The Bird Of Paradise. Click an image for detailed instructions:


Three more fantastic designs, The Diamond, The Cone, and The French folds. Click an image for detailed folding instructions:


Now some folds that really stand up! The Bishop’s Hat, The Rosebud, and The Sail. Click an image:


Our next three delicious designs are The Slide, The Crown, and The Standing Fan.


More of our favorite folds are The Rose, The Necktie, and The Shirt:


The Candle, The Basic Silverware Pouch, and The Fancy Silverware Pouch.


The Diamond Silverware Pouch, The Silverware Napkin Roll, and The Candle Fan Goblet.


The Goblet Fan, The Fleur de Lys Goblet, and The Lily Goblet.


The Basic Napkin Ring Stuffer, Napkin Ring Fan Fold, and Twin Candle Ring Roll.