Fancy napkin folding techniques

shirt napkin folding design

The Shirt Napkin Fold

This is a neat fold to have sitting on your guests dinner plates, and it's pretty easy assuming that you have an iron. I repeat, break out the iron! Iron, iron iron iron iron iron.


Napkin Fold #1
1. Lay the napkin face-down in front of you.
Napkin Fold #2
2. Fold the two right corners of the napkin diagonally so the tips rest at the center.
Napkin Fold #3
3. Fold the two left corners of the napkin diagonally so the tips meet the other two in the center.
Napkin Fold #4
4. Fold the right side over so it's edge rests on the napkins center-line.
Napkin Fold #5
5. Fold the left side over to meet the last fold at the center-line of the napkin.
Napkin Fold #6
6. Turn the napkin over.
Napkin Fold #7
7. Fold the top 1/4" - 1" down and press it with your iron. This will be the collar of the shirt.
Napkin Fold #8
8. Flip the napkin over again.
Napkin Fold #9
9. Fold both upper corners in diagonally, so the points meet in the center at an angle to form the front collar of the shirt.
Napkin Fold #10 10. Take hold of the two corners in the center of the napkin's near side and fold them up and out diagonally - so the edges are almost parallel to the folds at the far end. These will become the sleeves.
Finished Shirt Napkin Fold
11. Take hold of the near end of the napkin, and fold it up towards the collar, tucking it underneath the lower points of the collar and pressing it down. A tiny shirt to stain with dinner, yum!