Folded napkins


The basic Silverware Roll

The Silverware Napkin Roll

If you’re going on a picnic or need your silverware to be portable, then a silverware roll is the way to go. You can load them up and pack them away for later and they keep your silverware nice and clean. This is as simple as it gets, folks.

Napkin Fold #11. Lay the napkin face-down in front of you.

Napkin Fold #22. Fold the napkin in half diagonally.

Napkin Fold #33. Orient the napkin so the longest side is toward you, and then place the silverware on the inner-edge of the long side.

Napkin Fold #44. Fold both sides in and over the silverware. Do not crease.

Napkin Fold #55. Tightly roll the silverware into the napkin.

Finished Napkin Roll6. There you are, easy peazy mac and cheezy!