Napkin folding for wine glasses


The Goblet Candle Fan Napken Fold

The Candle Fan Fold

Sometimes you just need something a little different. The candle fan stuffed into a goblet or mug is very different. The larger the napkin that you use is, the longer the ‘candles’ will be.

Napkin Fold #11. Lay the napkin face-down in front of you.

Napkin Fold #22. Fold both sides in so they meet at the center. Press the folds down well.

Napkin Fold #33. Take each of the four corners (now sitting at the center of the far and near sides) and fold them out diagonally, pivoting at the center of the napkin as shown.

Napkin Fold #44. Starting at one end, tightly roll the napkin half way along it’s length. The tighter the better.

Napkin Fold #55. Accordion-fold the other side of the napkin and gather it together.

Napkin Fold #66. Fold the napkin in half with the roll in the middle.

Finished Folded Napkin7. Place it into your goblet of choice and you’re done! Mmmmmm, nothing like a crappy blue napkin to demonstrate with, eh? Larger ones look much nicer.