Folding napkins for special occasions


The Goblet Lily Napkin Fold

The Lily Goblet Fold

Here is an elegant goblet fold similar to the bird of paradise. A slightly starched or stiff napkin works best for this one and an iron can make the work much easier to do.

Napkin Fold #11. Lay the napkin face-down in front of you.

Napkin Fold #22. Fold the napkin in half and orient the open end toward you.

Napkin Fold #33. Fold the napkin into quarters.

Napkin Fold #44. Accordion-fold the entire napkin from corner to corner, keeping the open ends at the top.

Napkin Fold #55. Fold the napkin in half as shown.

Napkin Fold #66. Tuck the napkin into the glass of your choice.

The finished napkin fold7. Using your fingers, gently pull apart the loose corners sticking up so they are evenly distributed. If you’re flaps don’t want to stay where you put them, then ironing a little starch into the napkin will help.